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Welcome to our global community of distributed workers. We share tips, tools, and games to harmonize remote work with local living.

Find the power in play

Rediscover purposeful play: the childhood superpower we all used to learn about the world. Play games designed to unlock your talents, develop your skills, and do your best work anywhere in the world.

Work Fun

Play Hard

Connect with purpose

Win together! Connect with people around the world. Share concerns, face challenges, and get inspired. You're never alone when you're living the remote work life.

Join a rich community

Every contributor is also a member. Join to share tips and tools, create games, and host events. Let's solve the biggest challenges in living well while working remote.


“Limitless Harmony is a mind-blowing experience for me. You don’t have to be serious all the time and you can even use play in serious situations."
Lumka Mangxongoza
Favorite Game
“The thing that I’ve most enjoyed about Limitless Harmony is connecting with people across the world, and connecting with them on things that really matter."
Alix Dvorak
Favorite Game
Climate Pathfinder
"I started using Limitless Harmony to solve some business challenges. I was impressed at how well it helped me and my colleagues align on some core principles. What I didn’t expect was how handy it would prove to be in my personal life as well."
Scott Taylor
Favorite Game
Elephant Heard

Develop Skills

Discover and develop talents. Communicate your value. Manage the ups and downs of working remotely. Find joy in the stuff you do every day.

Build Relationships

Build personal and professional relationships. Generate empathy and understanding. Connect meaningfully with the people in your world.

(Team)work Remotely

Become world-class collaborators. Facilitate more productive video calls. Manage time zones, build trust, and reduce travel costs.

Focus & Creativity

Draw inspiration from the world around you. Magnify your team's global creativity using your local life and experiences.

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